Oscar Vazquez-Mena

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The optical transparency and high electron mobility of graphene make it an attractive material for photovoltaics. We present a field-effect solar cell using graphene to form a tunable junction barrier with an Earth-abundant and low cost zinc phosphide (Zn3P2) thin-film light absorber. Adding a semitransparent top electrostatic gate allows for tuning of the(More)
Photovoltaics (PV) are a promising source of clean renewable energy, but current technologies face a cost-to-efficiency trade-off that has slowed widespread implementation. We have developed a PV architecture-screening-engineered field-effect photovoltaics (SFPV)-that in principle enables fabrication of low-cost, high efficiency PV from virtually any(More)
In order to keep up with the advances in nano-fabrication, alternative, cost-efficient lithography techniques need to be implemented. Two of the most promising are nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and stencil lithography. We explore here the possibility of fabricating the stamp using stencil lithography, which has the potential for a cost reduction in some(More)
In this contribution we describe the application of Ink-Jet printing and Stencil Lithography in bionanotechnology. Both techniques are alternative patterning methods that can be used for the fabrication of biocompatible micro-and nanostructures out of the costly and restricted clean room environment. The applications presented in this contribution are 1)(More)
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