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By using the maximum entropy principle with Tsallis entropy we obtain a fragment size distribution function which undergoes a transition to scaling. This distribution function reduces to those obtained by other authors using Shannon en-tropy. The treatment is easily generalisable to any process of fractioning with suitable constraints.
The expression of survival factors for radiation damaged cells is currently based on probabilistic assumptions and experimentally fitted for each tumor, radiation, and conditions. Here, we show how the simplest of these radiobiological models can be derived from the maximum entropy principle of the classical Boltzmann-Gibbs expression. We extend this(More)
Optical feedback interferometry (OFI) is a compact sensing technique with recent implementation for flow measurements in microchannels. We propose implementing OFI for the analysis at the microscale of multiphase flows starting with the case of parallel flows of two immiscible fluids. The velocity profiles in each phase were measured and the interface(More)
  • Oscar Sotolongo-Costa, L M Gaggero-Sager, F Maestu, J T Becker, O Sotolongo-Grau, Oscar Sotolongo-Grau
  • 2014
The prevalence of dementia in old age, primarily resulting from Alzheimer's disease, doubles every five years after the age of 65. The natural history of dementia in the elderly usually begins during the phase of age associated memory impairment, proceeding to a phase where individuals complain of memory loss (but without objective evidence), then to the(More)
  • D Rodríguez-Pérez, Oscar Sotolongo-Grau, Ramón Espinosa Riquelme, Oscar Sotolongo-Costa, J Antonio, Santos Miranda +9 others
  • 2006
We model the interaction between the immune system and tumor cells including a time delay to simulate the time needed by the latter to develop a chemical and cell mediated response to the presence of the tumor. The results are compared with those of a previous paper, concluding that the delay introduces new instabilities in the system leading to an(More)
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