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OBJECTIVE To further assess the clinically active dose range of etoricoxib, a COX-2 selective inhibitor, in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). METHODS RA patients were randomized to etoricoxib 10, 30, 60, or 90 mg or placebo in a double-blind, 12-week study. DMARDs (methotrexate, biologics) or low-dose corticosteroids were allowed in stable doses. The primary(More)
Severe neurologic complications following treatment with cyclosporine are uncommon. They tend to occur during the first month of treatment and disappear after withdrawal or reduction of the dose of the drug. We report the case of a man who underwent a liver transplantation and subsequently developed severe central nervous system toxicity. After two years(More)
We describe a patient with long-standing pyoderma gangrenosum unresponsive to therapy. The patient had concomitant cryoglobulinemia and hepatitis C. When the hepatitis C was treated with interferon alfa-2a his pyoderma gangrenosum resolved. Whether this was from the interferon alfa or spontaneous resolution is not known.
The neurovascular bundle anatomy in the upper arm displays changing relationships of nerve and vascular structures along short segments. Fibrous tissues segregate these elements into enclosed compartments allowing for specific patterns of injury. We report a patient with a iatrogenic brachial artery injury in this region who featured combined median and MAC(More)