Oscar Somsen

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Some protein kinases operate in more than one mitogen-activated protein-kinase (MAPK) cascade. We here address the question whether specificity of the cascades necessitates physical sequestration of these "promiscuous" kinases (e.g. by binding to scaffolds). A model is constructed, in which two MAPK cascades depend on a single MAP-kinase kinase that is not(More)
A sustained decrease in the intracellular ATP concentration has been observed when extra glucose was added to yeast cells growing aerobically under glucose limitation. Because glucose degradation is the main source of ATP-derived free energy, this is a counter-intuitive phenomenon, which cannot be attributed to transient ATP consumption in the initial steps(More)
Excitation energy transfer in the light-harvesting antenna of Rhodospirillum rubrum was studied at room temperature using sub-picosecond transient absorption measurements. Upon excitation of Rs. rubrum membranes with a 200 fs, 600 nm laser flash in the Qx transition of the bacteriochlorophyll-a (BChl-a) absorption, the induced transient absorption changes(More)
Nuclear vibrations play a prominent role in the spectroscopy and dynamics of electronic systems. As recent experimental and theoretical studies suggest, this may be even more so when vibrational frequencies are resonant with transitions between the electronic states. Herein, a vibronic multilevel Redfield model is reported for excitonically coupled(More)
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