Oscar Sandoval

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The DNA replication origins of metazoan genomes are the sites of complex sequence-specific protein-DNA interactions determining their precise cycle of activation and deactivation, once only along each cell cycle. Some of the involved proteins have been identified (and particularly the essential six-protein Origin Recognition Complex, ORC) thanks to their(More)
The human DNA replication origin, located in the lamin B2 gene, interacts with the DNA topoisomerases I and II in a cell cycle-modulated manner. The topoisomerases interact in vivo and in vitro with precise bonds ahead of the start sites of bidirectional replication, within the pre-replicative complex region; topoisomerase I is bound in M, early G1 and G1/S(More)
This paper reports the design and development of an HTML5-empowered Virtual Sensor Editor (VSE) over Internet of Things cloud. VSE is a scalable tool that allows users to design virtual sensors with user-defined dataflow logic, by visually aggregating existing sensors, either physical sensors or user-defined virtual sensors. VSE supports a real-time and(More)
Stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) is a powerful, label-free imaging technique that holds significant potential for medical imaging. To allow chemical specificity and minimize spectral distortion in the imaging of live species, a high-speed multiplex SRS imaging platform is needed. By combining a spectral focusing excitation technique with a rapid(More)
Optical frequency comb generation using an advanced electro-optic comb source, a programmable pulse shaper, and a highly nonlinear fiber is demonstrated. The generated 18 GHz comb has 2 dB power variation within a 24 nm bandwidth.
Network function virtualization enables flexible implementation of network functions, or middleboxes, as virtual machines running on standard servers. However, the flexibility also creates a challenge for efficiently placing such middleboxes, due to the availability of multiple hosting servers, capability of middleboxes to change traffic volumes, and(More)
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