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Fault tolerance is an important factor for circuits in critical applications, especially those working in harsh environments. There are many techniques to increase reliability of circuits, being those based on redundancy very popular. In this way, Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) is frequently used, but it usually incurs high area costs. That is why other(More)
The corrosion behaviour of AZ31 magnesium alloy with different grain sizes immersed in simulated body fluids was compared in chloride solution (8 gl(-1)) and in phosphate-buffer solution (PBS). The influence of immersion time was also analyzed. Electrochemical techniques such as open circuit potential, polarization curves, transient currents and(More)
— In this paper we present a simulation platform tailored for Signal Processing Circuits that injects bit flips in order to model soft errors. The platform is based on the ESA Data Systems Division's SEE Simulation Tool upgraded with new functionalities. In order to show the effectiveness of the platform, a digital filter has been tested.
1 Traditional techniques to protect digital circuits against soft errors normally result in a significant area and power overhead. Some of those techniques may also reduce the maximum frequency of operation of the circuit as they introduce additional delays in the critical paths. In this paper we propose a circuit specific technique to protect digital(More)
—This brief presents a technique to efficiently correct single soft errors in serial shift registers. The proposed scheme uses two copies of the shift register. To achieve error correction, data are convolutionally encoded at the input of one of the copies and are decoded at its output. This processing ensures that in that copy, any error affecting a single(More)
Logic Soft Errors caused by radiation are a major concern when working with circuits that need to operate in harsh environments, such as space or avionics applications, where soft errors are traditionally referred as Single Event Effects. In this paper, system knowledge-based hardening techniques using recursive structures for the implementation of moving(More)
—Advanced electronic circuits suffer errors caused by multiple sources. For example, radiation can induce transient errors, and manufacturing variations can cause some devices to sporadically suffer errors. Fault tolerance is therefore an important issue in advanced electronic circuits. Digital filters are commonly used in many applications, and therefore,(More)
Pure Mg has been proposed as a potential degradable biomaterial to avoid both the disadvantages of non-degradable internal fixation implants and the use of alloying elements that may be toxic. However, it shows excessively high corrosion rate and insufficient yield strength. The effects of reinforcing Mg by a powder metallurgy (PM) route and the application(More)