Oscar R. Hernandez

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OpenMP has gained wide popularity as an API for parallel programming on shared memory and distributed shared memory platforms. Despite its broad availability, there remains a need for a portable, robust, open source, optimizing OpenMP compiler for C/C++/Fortran 90, especially for teaching and research, e.g. into its use on new target architectures, such as(More)
In 2011, Oak Ridge National Laboratory began an upgrade to Jaguar to convert it from a Cray XT5 to a Cray XK6 system named Titan. This is being accomplished in two phases. The first phase, completed in early 2012, replaced all of the XT5 compute blades with XK6 compute blades, and replaced the SeaStar interconnect with Cray’s new Gemini network. Each(More)
This article describes how the integration of the OpenUH OpenMP compiler with the KOJAK performance analysis tool can assist developers of OpenMP and hybrid codes in optimizing their applications with as little user intervention as possible. In particular, we (i) describe how the compiler’s ability to automatically instrument user code down to the(More)
OpenMP emerges as a popular parallel programming interface for medium scale high performance applications. Strong points are its ability to support incremental parallelization, portability, and ease of use. However, the obstacles to scale an OpenMP code to hundreds or thousands of processors, as they beginning to be configured in ccNUMA systems, are remote(More)
A program analysis tool can play an important role in helping users understand and improve OpenMP codes. Dragon is a robust interactive program analysis tool based on the Open64 compiler, an open source OpenMP, C/C++/Fortran77/90 compiler for Intel Itanium systems. We developed the Dragon tool on top of Open64 to exploit its powerful analyses in order to(More)
OpenMP relies heavily on barrier synchronization to coordinate the work of threads that are performing the computations in a parallel region. A good implementation of barriers is thus an important part of any implementation of this API. As the number of cores in shared and distributed shared memory machines continues to grow, the quality of the barrier(More)
The OpenUH compiler is a branch of the open source Open64 compiler suite for C, C++, and Fortran 95/2003, with support for a variety of targets including x86_64, IA-64, and IA-32. For the past several years, we have used OpenUH to conduct research in parallel programming models and their implementation, static and dynamic analysis of parallel applications,(More)
Automating the process of parallel performance experimentation, analysis, and problem diagnosis can enhance environments for performance-directed application development, compilation, and execution. This is especially true when parametric studies, modeling, and optimization strategies require large amounts of data to be collected and processed for knowledge(More)
New parallel computers are emerging, but developing efficient scientific code for them remains difficult. A scientist must manage not only the science-domain complexity but also the performance-optimization complexity. HERCULES is a code transformation system designed to help the scientist to separate the two concerns, which improves code maintenance, and(More)