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This paper explores using wearable computing devices to perform “sousveillance” (inverse surveillance) as a counter to organizational surveillance. A series of performances are used to question social norms of surveillance. A variety of wearable computing inventions generated different kinds of responses. Visible sousveillance often evoked(More)
The effect of the presence of soluble silicates on ferrihydrite precipitation and some properties of the products formed in co-precipitation of ferrihydrite and silica have been investigated. The co-precipitates were formed using a continuous crystallisation process in which a combined iron/silicon feed solution was reacted with sodium hydroxide at a(More)
This article has as its objective the investigation of how the urban spatial characteristics concerning estate accessibility, specifically influence low-income residents' perception of security of their dwellings and open spaces in a comparative study of two housing estates, located in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, strongly affected by security(More)
1 The TRIUMF Nuclear Structure Program and TIGRESS 1 P.E. Garrett, A. Andreyev, R.A.E. Austin, G.C. Ball, D. Bandyopadhyay, J.A. Becker, 2 A.J. Boston, H.C. Boston, R.S. Chakrawarthy, R. Churchman, D. Cline, R.J. Cooper, 3 D. Cross, D. Dashdorj, G.A. Demand, M.R. Dimmock, T. Drake, P. Finlay, K. Gagnon, 4 A.T. Gallant, K.L. Green, A.N. Grint, G.F. Grinyer,(More)
Federal housing policy has changed dramatically over the last seventy years. Policy has been shaped by economic and political conditions in a given time, as well as findings generated from empirical research. However, over the last three decades, despite economic fluctuations and ideological shifts in national leadership, certain themes dominate federal(More)
  • Seyed Abas Agha Yazdanfar, Nassim Nazari, +5 authors Oscar Newman
  • 2015
Rise in the level of urban crimes in the 60s demanded physical and cultural solutions to the problem of security. This study seeks to define the components of security and study the influence of physical environmental design factors on crime prevention in Chizar Neighborhood, Tehran, Iran. The methodology is based on content analysis techniques. The(More)
The branching ratio for the superallowed beta(+) decay of (38)K(m) was measured at TRIUMF's ISAC radioactive ion beam facility. The M3 internal transition between the isomer and the ground state of (38)K(m) was observed with a branching ratio of 330(43) ppm. A search for the nonanalogue beta-decay branch to the first excited 0(+) state in (38)Ar was also(More)
Simple, almost obvious as this may be, the idea that crime is partly caused by physical environment has been a controversial one among criminologists. In my presentation I will argue that the controversy is based on a misunderstanding about causes and will review what is now a large body of evidence that the physical environment plays an important part in(More)
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