Oscar Montes de Oca

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Chronic chest pain is a common complication following thoracotomy, which is generally attributed to intercostal neuritis or neuralgia. Response to medical treatment is poor. We report a case of persistent chest pain following open lung biopsy, which was found to result from lung herniation, a rare, but surgically correctable complication of thoracotomy.(More)
Success at integrated catchment management (ICM) requires the ongoing participation of different stakeholders in an adaptive and learning-based management process. However, this can be difficult to achieve in practice because many initiatives fail to address the underlying social process aspects required. We review emerging lessons around how to engage(More)
Grassland systems face many simultaneous pressures including market and policy compliance that operate from local to global scale. The ability to adapt to these pressures against a background of constrained natural resources and inputs is vital to the continued success of the grassland livestock industry and all those dependent on its outputs. New Zealand(More)
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