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The intervals between arrival or rearrival in the UK and notification of tuberculosis have been studied in four groups of Asian immigrants according to contact with known cases of tuberculosis in the UK and recent visits to Asia. It appears that about one-fifth of the Asian immigrants who developed tuberculosis in West Ham in a 5-year period did so as a(More)
Neurocognitive dysfunction has been reported in individuals with chronic hepatitis C (CHC) infection, but HCV populations investigated have often included participants with numerous potential confounding comorbidities. This pilot study sought to investigate functional capacity and neurocognitive function in a homogeneous state-infected HCV population with(More)
A retrospective survey of the treatment of culture positive pulmonary tuberculosis with a standard 6-month course of unsupervised therapy, comprising rifampicin and isoniazid daily for 6 months with pyrazinamide for the first 8 weeks is reported. Of the 164 patients who commenced this regimen, 110 completed therapy as planned. There were five relapses,(More)
A retrospective report of the experience using the policy of six-month short-course chemotherapy as standard treatment for lymph node tuberculosis is presented. Forty-one patients completed 6 months' treatment as planned. All made a complete recovery, except one who had a 1 cm residual node at the completion of treatment, and one who relapsed four months(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical observations over a 12 year period have suggested a changing pattern of adult respiratory tuberculosis in patients from the Indian subcontinent in two districts of the United Kingdom with a high incidence of tuberculosis. METHODS Details of all patients for the period 1981-92 residing in the Newham and Blackburn districts aged 15 and(More)
  • O R McCarthy
  • 1999
When Auenbrugger introduced percussion it was direct or immediate percussion of the chest. Corvisart was the first to recognise that percussion not merely gave a sound but also a sensation to the percussing fingers. When Piorry introduced mediate percussion the sensation was more readily appreciable. However, there were many astute clinicians who ignored(More)