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Portions of the latissimus dorsi (LD) muscle are frequently employed as free muscle or myocutaneous grafts. The functional consequences for both the graft and the remaining donor tissue must depend in part on the neural organization of the muscle. Previous anatomical and clinical reports have suggested that the LD is organized into independently innervated(More)
—Today the current trend of Online Social Networks services is changing the way people relate each other on the Internet. In this context, telecommunication operators have the opportunity to enrich the users online social environment integrating their services with the Social Networks, leading to a new " social communications experience ". Given the(More)
The current and successful trend of Online Social Networks and the availability of programming interfaces to develop applications for them, offer telecommunication operators the opportunity to introduce a new type of services to enhance the best of both worlds: Social Communications. These services try to provide an integration between basic, advanced and(More)
— Context-Aware applications can be made globally deployed through Hosted applications that can process contextual information captured by the sensors available at the personal devices surrounding the user. In the first part of this paper the architectural principles to deploy contextual applications from the operator network are presented, focusing on the(More)
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