Oscar M. Guillen

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The NTRU cryptosystem is one of the main alternatives for practical implementations of post-quantum, public-key cryptography. In this work, we analyze the feasibility of employing the NTRU encryption scheme, NTRUEncrypt, in resource constrained devices such as those used for Internet-of-Things endpoints. We present an analysis of NTRUEncrypt's advantages(More)
Several firmware update mechanisms in microcontrollers still make use of confidentiality-only block cipher modes, ultimately lulling the users into a false sense of security. In this work we show how easy it is to apply well known malleability attacks to successfully inject arbitrary code into an encrypted firmware image. We demonstrate this vulnerability(More)
Speed-optimized side-channel protected software implementations of block ciphers are important for the security of embedded IoT devices based on general-purpose microcontrollers. The recent work of Schwabe et al. published at SAC 2016 introduced a bit-sliced implementation of AES and a first-order Boolean-masked version of it, targeting ARM Cortex-M CPU(More)
Along with the rise in use of everyday life electronic products that collect and communicate personal data, there is an increasing need for adequate security. The use of ultra-low-power MCUs in such applications provides a clear advantage in terms of energy consumption. However, given their general-purpose nature and low-power needs, security has not been(More)
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