Oscar L. Acevedo

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The 14-mer oligodeoxynucleotide d(C3GC3GC3GC2) acts as a template to facilitate the cooligomerization of guanosine 5'-phospho-2-methylimidazolide and cytidine 5'-phospho-2-methylimidazolide. The predominant products are a series of 3'-5'-linked oligonucleotides, complementary to the template, ranging in length from GGC to GGCGGGCGGGCGGG. Thus simple,(More)
The chromosomal telomeres of Oxytricha were synthesized and their ability to cohere examined on non-denaturing acrylamide gels containing the stabilizing cation K+. At least 5 different mobility species were observed, in addition to that of the monomeric telomere. By cohering synthetic telomeres containing different lengths of subtelomeric DNA, we showed(More)
Bernal, and subsequently other authors, have suggested that the prebiotic synthesis of the precursors of biopolymers could have occurred on a solid surface such as that provided by clay or some other mineral. The separation of products from the other components of the reaction mixture in such a system is reminiscent of modern solid-phase synthesis of(More)
A likely scenario for the accumulation and complexation of organic macromolecules on a prebiotic earth would have included tidepools or lakes lined with anion-exchange minerals (Schwartz and Orgel, 1985). These minerals would have adsorbed growing oligonucleotide chains and provided a site for their elongation employing a variety of plausible mechanisms. In(More)
The synthesis of 7-propynyl-, 7-iodo- and 7-cyano-7-deaza-2-amino-2'-deoxyadenosines is described. The nucleosides were synthesized, functionalized into the phosphoramidites and incorporated into oligodeoxynucleotides. Spectroscopic melting experiments against complementary RNA showed increases of 3-4 degreesC per modification for single substitutions and(More)
We investigate the non-equilibrium quantum dynamics of a canonical light–matter system—namely, the Dicke model—when the light–matter interaction is ramped up and down through a cycle across the quantum phase transition. Our calculations reveal a rich set of dynamical behaviors determined by the cycle times, ranging from the slow, near adiabatic regime(More)
We have synthesized several 8-azapurine nucleosides as inhibitors of adenosine deaminase. The presence of a nitrogen on the imidazole ring decreased the Ki value for nebularine by 100-fold but did not lower the Ki value for coformycin. Evaluation of these compounds in a MOLT-4 growth assay revealed that 2-azacoformycin was as effective as 2'-deoxycoformycin(More)
Cleavage of Ruthenium and Osmium Porphyrin Dimers: Formation of Organometallic Ruthenium Porphyrin Complexes and Highly Reduced Metalloprophyrin Species [J . Am. Chem. SOC. 1985,107, 45701. J. P. COLLMAN,* P. J. BROTHERS, L. MCELWEE-WHITE, E. ROSE, and L. J. WRIGHT Page 4570: Dr. Eric Rose’s name should have appeared as Eric Rose% with the following(More)
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