Oscar García Perales

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We argue that quality issues and didactical concerns of MOOCs may be overcome by relying on small Open Educational Resources, joining them into concise courses by gluing them together along predefined learning pathways with proper semantic annotations. This new approach to adaptive learning does not attempt to model the learner, but rather concentrates on(More)
Words meaning 'all' in Seri include a verb, a pronoun (which often cooccurs with a coreferential NP), and an NP modifier. This paper explores the syntax of the constructions in which these words occur. It also explores the scope relationship between these words and negation, which seems to vary depending on a non-surface syntactic relation.
Enterprise interoperability is a tool for enhancing the competitiveness of firms, and its importance is brought out by the fact one of the EC's strategic aims is to accomplish interoperability among European firms by the year 2010. Nevertheless, in the particular case of the Valencian Region (Spain), research into enterprise interoperability is still badly(More)
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