Oscar Gabriel Reyes Pupo

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Multi-label learning has become an important area of research due to the increasing number of modern applications that contain multi-label data. The multi-label data are structured in a more complex way than single-label data. Consequently the development of techniques that allow the improvement in the performance of machine learning algorithms over(More)
In the last decade several modern applications where the examples belong to more than one label at a time have attracted the attention of research into machine learning. Several derivatives of the k-nearest neighbours classifier to deal with multi-label data have been proposed. A k-nearest neighbours classifier has a high dependency with respect to the(More)
The definition of similarity metrics is one of the most important tasks in the development of nearest neighbours and instance based learning methods. Furthermore, the performance of lazy algorithms can be significantly improved with the use of an appropriate weight vector. In the last years, the learning from multi-label data has attracted significant(More)
Active Learning has become an important area of research owing to the increasing number of real-world problems which contain labelled and unlabelled examples at the same time. JCLAL is a Java Class Library for Active Learning which has an architecture that follows strong principles of object-oriented design. It is easy to use, and it allows the developers(More)
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