Oscar Fernández

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This paper presents a system providing functionalities for cataloging multimedia content using MPEG-7 and accessing to content and descriptions. The cataloging application indexes content using MPEG-7 and creates annotated variations in order to have the capability of offering media content to a large amount of different terminals and through different(More)
The design, implementation, and test of a real-time flexible 2×2 (Multiple Input Multiple Output-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) MIMO-OFDM IEEE 802.16 prototype are presented. For the design, a channel measurement campaign on the 3.5 GHz band has been carried out, focusing on outdoor-indoor scenarios. The analysis of measured channels showed(More)
Radial Basis Neural Networks (RBNN) can approximate any regular function and have a faster training phase than other similar neu-ral networks. However, the activation of each neuron depends on the euclidean distance between a pattern and the neuron center. Therefore, the activation function is symmetrical and all attributes are considered equally relevant.(More)
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