Oscar Fernández

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This paper presents a system providing functionalities for cataloging multimedia content using MPEG-7 and accessing to content and descriptions. The cataloging application indexes content using MPEG-7 and creates annotated variations in order to have the capability of offering media content to a large amount of different terminals and through different(More)
The design, implementation, and test of a real-time flexible 2×2 (Multiple Input Multiple Output-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) MIMO-OFDM IEEE 802.16 prototype are presented. For the design, a channel measurement campaign on the 3.5 GHz band has been carried out, focusing on outdoor-indoor scenarios. The analysis of measured channels showed(More)
Radial Basis Neural Networks (RBNN) can approximate any regular function and have a faster training phase than other similar neural networks. However, the activation of each neuron depends on the euclidean distance between a pattern and the neuron center. Therefore, the activation function is symmetrical and all attributes are considered equally relevant.(More)
Given our inherent mobility, wayfinding can be described as one of the earliest human activities. In a simple environment, the human mind is capable of generating a cognitive map or “the internal spatial representation of environmental information” (Golledge, 1999). Within a complex environment, an internal cognitive map alone may not allow the user to have(More)
Most orb-web spiders face downwards in the web. A downward orientation has been proposed to be the optimal strategy because spiders run faster downwards and thus can catch prey quicker. Consequently, orb-web spiders also extend their web in the lower part, leading to top-down web asymmetry. Since the majority of orb-web spiders face downwards, it has been(More)