Oscar Eduardo Hernandez Murcia

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Molecular advances support the existence of an alternative pathway of colorectal carcinogenesis that is based on the hypermethylation of specific DNA regions that silences tumor suppressor genes. This alternative pathway has been called the serrated pathway due to the serrated appearance of tumors in histological analysis. New classifications for colorectal(More)
BACKGROUND AND STUDY AIM Several factors have been shown to be related to colonoscopy quality; however, little is known about the effects of endoscopist factors. This study analyzed the influence of endoscopist-related characteristics on quality indicators for colonoscopy. PATIENTS AND METHODS The study included 48 endoscopists who each performed at least(More)
This dissertation presents the development and application of a computational model called BioChemFOAM developed using the computation fluid dynamic software OpenFOAM (Open source Field Operation And Manipulation). BioChemFOAM is a three dimensional incompressible unsteady-flow model that is coupled with a waterquality model via the Reynolds Average(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS High-risk features of colonic polyps are based on size, number, and pathologic characteristics. Surveillance colonoscopy is often recommended according to these findings. This study aimed to determine whether the molecular characteristics of polyps might provide information about the risk of metachronous advanced neoplasia. METHODOLOGY(More)
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