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The aim of this Workshop is to promote interdisciplinary discussion among researchers working in areas related to dynamics, chaos and their applications. New results will be presented. It is our intention that the talks be accessible to a wide audience. We are inviting and expect a diverse audience with ample time for scientific exchanges.
Given a finite set T of maps on a finite ring R, we look at the finite simple graph G = (V, E) with vertex set V = R and edge set E = {(a, b) | ∃t ∈ T, b = t(a), and b = a}. An example is when R = Z n and T consists of a finite set of quadratic maps T i (x) = x 2 + a i. Graphs defined like that have a surprisingly rich structure. This holds especially in an(More)
With great affection this paper is dedicated to Henry McKean on the occasion of his 75th birthday. ABSTRACT. Given a constrained minimization problem, under what conditions does there exist a related, unconstrained problem having the same minimum points? This basic question in global optimization motivates this paper, which answers it from the viewpoint of(More)
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