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Given a finite set T of maps on a finite ring R, we look at the finite simple graph G = (V, E) with vertex set V = R and edge set E = {(a, b) | ∃t ∈ T, b = t(a), and b = a}. An example is when R = Z n and T consists of a finite set of quadratic maps T i (x) = x 2 + a i. Graphs defined like that have a surprisingly rich structure. This holds especially in an(More)
  • John Yager, Trudy Stemmer, +7 authors Un-Sallh
  • 2009
The brave people of Hungary have been defeated in their present bid for freedom. Two weeks ago, they started an armed revolt for independence which at first was quite successful. The Hungarians ousted their governmental officials and installed Imre Nagy as Premier. Hungary for the first time in over a decade had come alive. The streets of Budapest were(More)
The following: report is based on news articles taken from the Times Union and the Knickerbocker News of the past week. New Campus Site "Either the State University College at Albany will expand to the Albany Country Club site, or the college including existing facilities, will be moved out of the city. There is no alternative in Albany." This quote taken(More)
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