Oscar Déniz Suárez

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Understanding and interpreting classification decisions of automated image classification systems is of high value in many applications, as it allows to verify the reasoning of the system and provides additional information to the human expert. Although machine learning methods are solving very successfully a plethora of tasks, they have in most cases the(More)
All the effort that the astrophysical community has put into the development of the Virtual Observatory (VO) has surpassed the non-return point: the VO is a reality today, and an initiative that will self-sustain, and to which all archival projects must adhere. We have started the design of the scientific archive for the DSS-63 70-m antenna at NASA's DSN(More)
This paper presents the development of a Virtual Library in Renewable Energy, Automation and Electric Drive (ERAAE Virtual Library) located at the Academusoft platform from the University of Pamplona. The portal is interactive and has information about natural energy sources, automation and electric drives examples, providing teaching and learning(More)
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