Oscar Bruno

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We study the macroscopic magneto-mechanical behavior of composite materials consisting of a random, statistically homogeneous distribution of ferromagnetic, rigid inclusions embedded ÿrmly in a non-magnetic elastic matrix. Speciÿcally, for given applied elastic and magnetic ÿelds, we calculate the overall deformation and stress–strain relation for such a(More)
This text introduces 1) New Regularized Combined Field Integral Equations (CFIE-R) for the solution of frequency-domain sound-hard scattering problems, and, 2) Fast, high-order algorithms for the numerical solution of the CFIE-R and related integral equations. Like the classical Combined Field Integral Equation (CFIE), the CFIE-R are unikely-solvable(More)
We present an accurate and efficient numerical method, based on integral Nyström discretizations, for the solution of three dimensional wave propagation problems in piece-wise homogeneous media that have two-dimensional (in-plane) periodic-ity (e.g. photonic crystal slabs). Our approach uses (1) A fast, high-order algorithm for evaluation of singular(More)
Freshwater blooms of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in source waters are generally composed of several different strains with the capability to produce a variety of toxins. The major exposure routes for humans are direct contact with recreational waters and ingestion of drinking water not efficiently treated. The ultra high pressure liquid chromatography(More)
This document lists the required and optional textbooks for Caltech courses offered during the WI 2015-16 term. Not all courses are listed. Only those courses for which the Registrar has solid information are listed. This document is updated as more information comes in from instructors. Please consult the Library Catalog (TIND) to view class course(More)
iii To my parents iv Acknowledgments I would like to express my gratitude to my advisor Professor Yizhao Thomas Hou, who has always provided me with great support and guidance in my work and life. His enthusiasm for knowledge and mathematical rigor is the perfect role model for me during my reach. He has also helped me a lot in overcoming the difficulties(More)