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This article presents the participation of the Intelligent Systems Group (GSI) at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) in the Sentiment Analysis workshop focused in Spanish tweets, TASS2015. This year two challenges have been proposed, which we have addressed with the design and development of a modular system that is adaptable to different contexts.(More)
The simulation of indoor evacuation is important for rescue and safety management, while a better visualization of simulation could help users to understand the evacuation plan better and to design the evacuation activities more effectively. The purpose of this paper is to show an indoor evacuation simulator with more realistic graphi-cal user interface for(More)
Sentiment and emotion analysis technologies have quickly gained momentum in industry and academia. This popularity has spawned a myriad of service and tools. Due to the lack of common interfaces and models, each of these services imposes specific interfaces and representation models. Heterogeneity makes it costly to integrate different services, evaluate(More)
Guadua amplexifolia and Guadua angustifolia are the most promising timber substitutes amongst American bamboos due to their outstanding dimensions and structural properties. Despite the commercial potential of these species, there are few studies on the survival and adaptability of juveniles in plantations. The present study dealt with survival, growth, and(More)
Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA) provides further insight into the analysis of social media. Understanding user opinion about different aspects of products, services or policies can be used for improving and innovating in an effective way. Thus, it is becoming an increasingly important task in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) realm. The standard(More)
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