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We studied morphine pharmacokinetics after a single intravenous dose of 0.1 mg/kg in 20 newborn infants, who were born at 26 to 40 weeks of gestation and were less than 5 days of age. In the 10 infants whose gestational age was less than or equal to 30 weeks, the mean (+/- SD) distribution half-life was 50 +/- 35 minutes, elimination half-life was 10 +/-(More)
Current systems for radiofrequency ablation of liver tumors are unable to consistently treat tumors larger than 3 cm in diameter with a single electrode in a single application. One of the strategies for enlarging coagulation zone dimensions is to infuse saline solutions into the tissue through the active electrodes. Nevertheless, the uncontrolled and(More)
OBJECTIVES Among the various factors required to calculate sample size for clinical trials, the magnitude of treatment effect anticipated is an important component. The objective of this report is to present some of the complexities involved in selection of treatment effect size in clinical trials. As a framework for discussion, an analysis of published(More)
In this paper, a pan temperature control of induction hobs is described. The aim is that the user may select the cooking temperature instead of the power for the cooker. Pan temperature has to be estimated from a thermal sensor placed under the ceramic glass. Heat transmission from the induction coil to the pan and from the pan to the thermal sensor is(More)
To determine whether cerebellar dimensions measured with cranial ultrasonography help assess gestational age in neonates, the authors measured the area, circumference, and vertical length of the vermis and the area, circumference, and maximum transverse width of the cerebellar body in 80 healthy neonates. These dimensions were correlated with the clinically(More)
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