Oscar Alberto Viquez Rojas

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Remote sensing (RS) data acquired by satellite have wide scope for agricultural applications owing to their synoptic and repetitive coverage. On the one hand, spectral indices deduced from visible and near-infrared RS data have been extensively used for crop characterization, biomass estimation and crop yield monitoring and forecasting. On the other hand,(More)
This work is focused on the influence of an ionic liquid (IL), i.e. ethyl-methylimidazolium hexylsulfate, on the spontaneous formation of microemulsions with ionic surfactants. The influence of the ionic liquid on structure formation in the optically clear phase region in water/toluene/pentanol mixtures in presence of the cationic surfactant CTAB was(More)
The present study reports a facile approach for sulfite biosensing, based on enhanced direct electron transfer of a human sulfite oxidase (hSO) immobilized on a gold nanoparticles modified electrode. The spherical core shell AuNPs were prepared via a new method by reduction of HAuCl(4) with branched poly(ethyleneimine) in an ionic liquids resulting(More)
This thesis sought to evaluate a vehicle detection algorithm based on a passive acoustic sensor, intended for autonomous collision avoidance in Unmanned Underwater Vehicles. By placing a hydrophone at a safe distance from a dock, it was possible to record the acoustic signature generated by a small motor boat as it navigated towards, and then away from the(More)
The ternary system composed of the ionic liquid surfactant (IL-S) 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium dodecylsulfate ([Bmim][DodSO4]), the room temperature ionic liquid (RTIL) 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium ethylsulfate ([Emim][EtSO4]), and toluene has been investigated. Three major mechanisms guiding the structure of the isotropic phase were identified by means of(More)
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