Oscar A. Peverini

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This paper presents an efficient implementation of spectral-element methods (SEMs) for the analysis of 2-D wave guide components with sharp edges. The well-known problem of ill conditioning of the mass matrix when very high-order polynomial basis functions are augmented with singular functions is addressed. A numerical process for the definition of a set of(More)
In this work a mortar-element method aimed at analyzing 2D periodic structures is introduced. The mathematical formulation of a single-domain problem involving periodicity conditions is derived; then, the multi-domain feature of this numerical scheme is exploited, in order to separate regions with media with different refraction indices. Finally, a(More)
This paper presents a Q-band orthomode transducer (OMT) that has been designed according to the mechanical constraints of the platelet (multi-layer) manufacturing strategy. It is composed of a twofold symmetric coupling section with two electrically identical recombination networks. The two OMT outputs lay on the same plane to provide a suitable interface(More)
A full-wave simulator of 2-D dielectric periodic structures under skew plane wave incidence is presented in this paper. A differential formulation is used and the boundary value problem is solved by means of a multi-domain spectral method. Suitable mappings allow the efficient analysis of dielectric elements with rounded corner cross sections. A comparison(More)
SPOrt (Sky Polarization Observatory) is a space experiment to be flown on the International Space Station during Early Utilization Phase aimed at measuring the microwave polarized emission with FWHM=7 • , in the frequency range 22-90 GHz. The Galactic polarized emission can be observed at the lower frequencies and the polarization of Cosmic Microwave(More)
In this paper the development of a full-wave simulator of the scattering from a surface-relief diffraction grating is described. The general case of skew incidence, which leads to a vector differential problem, is addressed. First, the general mathematical formulation of the discretization scheme is introduced; then, a comparison with results obtained by(More)
A novel full-wave method aimed at analyzing axisymmetric waveguide devices is introduced in this paper. The method is based on the application of the equivalence theorem in order to decouple the outer and inner electromagnetic problems. The former refers to the access waveguides, the latter to the complex shape structure inside the device, which is modeled(More)
The instrumental polarization induced by a flat isotropic dielectric slab in microwave frequencies is discussed. We find that, in spite of its isotropic nature, such a dielectric can produce spurious polarization either by transmitting incoming anisotropic diffuse radiation or emitting when it is thermally inhomogeneous. We present evaluations of(More)