Oscar A. Campos

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PURPOSE Pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy seizure (PDE; OMIM 266100) is a disorder associated with severe seizures that can be controlled pharmacologically with pyridoxine. In the majority of patients with PDE, the disorder is caused by the deficient activity of the enzyme α-aminoadipic semialdehyde dehydrogenase (antiquitin protein), which is encoded by the(More)
This study examined the effects of 6 weeks of moderate- (MD) and high-intensity endurance training (HD) and resistance training (RD) on the vasorelaxation responsiveness of the aorta, iliac, and femoral vessels in type 1 diabetic (D) rats. Vasorelaxation to acetylcholine was modeled as a mono-exponential function. A potential mediator of vasorelaxation,(More)
During eukaryotic evolution, genome size has increased disproportionately to nuclear volume, necessitating greater degrees of chromatin compaction in higher eukaryotes, which have evolved several mechanisms for genome compaction. However, it is unknown whether histones themselves have evolved to regulate chromatin compaction. Analysis of histone sequences(More)
UNLABELLED Individuals with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) can develop insulin resistance. Regular exercise may improve insulin resistance partially through increased expression of skeletal muscle GLUT4 content. OBJECTIVE To examine if different exercise training modalities can alter glucose tolerance through changes in skeletal muscle GLUT4 content in(More)
The rate of adjustment of endothelium-dependent vasorelaxation was examined in the aorta, iliac and femoral arteries of eight control and eight diabetic rats with and without supplementation with vitamin C. Vessels were constricted using 10(-5) M phenylephrine (PE) and relaxed with 10(-4) M acetylcholine (ACh condition) or 10(-4) M ACh plus 10(-4) M vitamin(More)
The endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-mitochondria encounter structure (ERMES) is a protein complex that physically tethers the two organelles to each other and creates the physical basis for communication between them. ERMES functions in lipid exchange between the ER and mitochondria, protein import into mitochondria, and maintenance of mitochondrial morphology(More)
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