Oscar A. Aguirre Calderón

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BACKGROUND Previous research has shown that gastric acid suppression by antacid drugs can promote allergic reactions to acid-labile food proteins. No data are available about whether antacid drugs can promote drug hypersensitivity reactions. The most potent and longer lasting inhibition of gastric secretion is provided by proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). We(More)
BACKGROUND DRESS (drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms) syndrome is characterized by fever, rash, eosinophilia, and multiorgan failure. Previous reports have described differences in clinical and laboratory findings of DRESS syndrome depending on the inducing drug. Piperacillin has been reported as the drug responsible for this syndrome in(More)
Water availability and salt excess are limiting factors in Mexican mixed pine-oak forest. In order to characterise the acclimatation of native species to these stresses, leaf water (Ψw) and osmotic potentials (Ψs) of Juniperus flaccida, Pinus pseudostrobus and Quercus canbyi were measured under natural drought and non-drought conditions under two different(More)
Previous studies of schoolchildren in Costa Rica have shown an asthma prevalence of 23% and a high level of sensitization, particularly to mite allergens. As a continuation of these studies, some 400 dust samples were collected from various places in Costa Rica, and parts of these were analyzed for specific mite and cockroach allergens, as well as for the(More)
Elevated gastric lesions, represent an important group among gastric pathology. To establish its incidence in our experience, we studied the endoscopic reports of two important hospitals in La Paz city: Instituto de Gastroenterología Boliviano Japonés and Hospital Obrero No. 1. In order to make a good endoscopic diagnosis among different elevated lesions we(More)
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