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STUDY DESIGN This study analyzed in vitro experiments of ectopic firing evoked by mechanical compression or hypoxia of canine lumbar dorsal roots with dorsal root ganglia using an in vitro model. OBJECTIVES The results were correlated to understand the pathophysiology of radiculopathy, which manifests abnormal sensation and pain. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND(More)
To identify the main causes of repeated arthroscopic surgery of the knee joint and to find out the points of therapeutic approaches, we evaluated 139 patients who underwent arthroscopic meniscectomy in our department and in affiliated hospitals between 1983 and 1987. Two or more arthroscopic surgeries were needed in 9 knees of 8 patients (6.5%). In 5 knees(More)
sis is late-onset. Phototherapy, particularly using blue light, can be a source of oxidative stress. The wavelength of green light is not lower than that of blue light, and methemoglobinemia was probably present before intensive phototherapy, given the decrease in SpO2 noted before double phototherapy. We thus think that intensive phototherapy contributed(More)
Basic morphometry of the pituitary gland in aged patients with cachexia was performed. In 10 control specimens, growth hormone(GH) cells accounted for 42.9 +/- 3.4% of the total, compared with 33.8 +/- 7.0%(p < or = 0.01) in patients with severe cachexia senilis. ACTH cells accounted for 16.0 +/- 7.4% in the control group and 14.1 +/- 9.0% in the senile(More)
This paper presents a case-study of delay defect screening applied to Fujitsu 2.16GHz SPARC64 microprocessor. A non-robust delay test is used while each test vector is compacted to detect multiple transition faults in a standard scan-based design targeting a stuck-at fault test. Our test technique applied to a microprocessor designed with 6M gate logic, 4MB(More)
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