Osamu Sudoh

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In this paper, we show current status of gathering large scale human activity information using mobile sensor devices. If human activity can be objectively measured, we can expect various applications, such as health care and agriculture. We developed an activity information gathering system using mobile sensor devices with three axis accelerometers, and(More)
As new networks such as sensor and grid computing are developed, service providers, intermediaries, and users are exposed to an increasing number of contexts, which is a set of information that affects users’ behavior and value system in accordance with a network they belongs to. This paper proposes that citizens’ contextual data should be collected based(More)
It is imperative that e-Gov platform for the next generation achieves integrative administrative services via citizen’s one-stop portal and back-office linkages among ministries and external organizations. This objective aims to make further advancement in system integration and coordination by employing cloud computing and service-oriented architecture(More)
BACKGROUND Information and communications technology has attracted attention as a useful way of sharing care records in community-based care. Such information sharing systems, however, imposed the burden of inputting the same records into different information systems due to a lack of interoperability of the systems. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study(More)
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