Osamu Nishida

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To provide an update to “Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines for Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock: 2012”. A consensus committee of 55 international experts representing 25 international organizations was convened. Nominal groups were assembled at key international meetings (for those committee members attending the conference). A formal(More)
The "congestion index" is used to mean the ratio between the cross-sectional area (cm2) and the blood flow velocity (cm/sec) of the portal vein, as determined by a duplex Doppler system. The indices as determined in normal subjects and patients with liver disease were as follows: normal subjects (n = 85), 0.070 +/- 0.029 cm X sec; acute hepatitis (n = 11),(More)
The ultrasonic duplex system, which is composed of a pulsed Doppler flowmeter and a linear array B-mode scanner, was developed for the purpose of quantitative transcutaneous measurement of blood flow. It was applied here to the study of portal blood flow in a normal series with healthy volunteers as subjects. A preliminary experiment, prepared by setting up(More)
A mass in the tail of the pancreas was detected in a 62-year-old male patient who had hypergammaglobulinaemia, and was positive for antinuclear antigen and anti-SS-A antibody. Endoscopic retrograde pancreatography revealed focal irregular narrowing of the main pancreatic duct in the tail of the pancreas. Dynamic computed tomography showed swelling of the(More)
This is a guideline for the management of sepsis, developed by the Sepsis Registry Committee of The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine (JSICM) launched in March 2007. This guideline was developed on the basis of evidence-based medicine and focuses on unique treatments in Japan that have not been included in the Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines(More)
To measure volume blood flow quantitatively in human abdominal arteries, we used an ultrasonic image-directed Doppler system and electromagnetic flowmeter to first measure volume flow in canine arteries. In dogs, there was a strong linear correlation (R = 0.98) between the product of the time average of the maximum blood flow velocity and the average(More)
Portal blood flow (PBF) can be measured quantitatively using a B-mode combined pulsed Doppler (BCD) system. This system combines a real time B-mode linear type electroscanner and a pulsed Doppler (D-mode) flowmeter. Since both modes are displayed in realtime, Dopper blood flow signals can be retrieved at will from any depth. The blood flow velocity(More)
Yeast strains were isolated from dried sweet potatoes (hoshi-imo), a traditional preserved food in Japan. Dough fermentation ability, freeze tolerance, and growth rates in molasses, which are important characteristics of commercial baker's yeast, were compared between these yeast strains and a commercial yeast derivative that had typical characteristics of(More)
During the past 19 years, 52 cases of hepatic cavernous hemangioma have been treated at our institution. Thirty patients underwent hepatic resection. In six patients, the extensive tumor mass invaded multiple segments or both lobes of the liver and complete resection was deemed hazardous. Therefore, hepatic artery ligation was carried out. In all six cases(More)