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Purification and properties of the fatty acid synthetase from Mycobacterium phlei.
Abstract The fatty acid synthetase from Mycobacterium phlei has been purified 340-fold to homogeneity. The enzyme has a molecular weight of 1.39 x 106. At low concentrations of phosphate bufferExpand
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Inhibition of fatty acid synthetases by the antibiotic cerulenin.
Abstract The antibiotic cerulenin is a potent and apparently non-competitive inhibitor of fatty acid synthetase systems isolated from various microorganisms and from rat liver. Cerulenin specificallyExpand
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Pyridine nucleotide requirements of fatty acid synthetases.
Abstract The multienzyme fatty acid synthetase complexes from Mycobacterium phlei, Euglena gracilis, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae require both TPNH and DPNH for optimal efficiency. In the presence ofExpand
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Relation between insulin and glucose flux rates in the dog.
A constant infusion isotope dilution procedure for measurement of plasma insulin flux rates was performed in acutely eviscerated dogs receiving an infusion of nonlabeled insulin; the calculated rateExpand
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Biosynthesis of a momo-CoA ester from octadecane-1, 18-dioic acid in rat liver.
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Formation of monounsaturated fatty acids in fatty liver.
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Decrease of insulin immunoreactivity during storage in the presence of aldoses.
Insulin stored in the presence of certain aldoses gradually lost its immunoreactivity; dilution, so that the aldose concentration fell below 5 mg/ml, and further storage resulted in gradual recover...
Effect of long-chain acyl-CoA on the omega-oxidation of monocarboxylic acid.
In vitro addition of stearoyl-CoA in 10,000 x g supernatant of rat livers, first enhanced the rate of omega-oxidation of free [1-14C] stearate, until a concentration of the acyl-CoA reached to theExpand