Osamu Matsumoto

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Meltran V, a new biped robot with telescopic legs, is introduced. For 3D walking control of the robot we analyze the dynamics of a three-dimensional inverted pendulum in which motion is constrained to move along an arbitrarily de ned plane. From this analysis we obtain simple linear dynamics, the ThreeDimensional Linear Inverted Pendulum Mode (3DLIPM).(More)
This paper reports on the development of the "TAO Aide", an intelligent wheelchair with autonomous traveling capability. The wheelchair can accurately determine its position and direction using internal sensors and external assistance from the surrounding environment, including the Global Positioning System (GPS) and radio frequency identification (RFID).(More)
We propose a new concept in personal vehicles called the 'Personal riding-type wheeled Mobile Platform (PMP)' consisting of two wheels and a standing base for a human. The two wheels are driven independently, and traveling and steering is achieved by simply changing the relative position of the rider's center of gravity (COG) on the base. The vehicle has(More)
Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is known to recur in some patients after renal transplantation. Over a prolonged period, we followed 13 pediatric patients with FSGS who had undergone transplantation from living-related donors, analyzing risk factors for recurrent disease. Native nephrectomies were performed bilaterally in all patients at least 1(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the psychological and social effects of kidney donation on kidney donors by using the short-form 36-item health survey (SF-36) as the quality-of-life questionnaire. METHODS A total of 104 living donor nephrectomies have been performed at Kobe University Hospital and Nishinomiya Prefectural Hospital. We mailed the questionnaires to(More)
OBJECTIVES To review cases of colorectal cancer requiring urologic management to clarify the role the urologist should play in the surgical procedures. A deterrent to radical surgery for advanced colorectal carcinoma with urinary involvement is the technical complexity and associated morbidity and mortality of this procedure. METHODS Thirty-six tumors in(More)
This paper reports on the continued development of a new concept for a personal vehicle called the 'personal riding-type wheeled mobile platform (PMP)' that consists of two wheels and a standing base for a human rider. The two wheels are driven independently, and forward and backward movement and steering are achieved by simply changing the relative(More)
The secondary fracture rate in 53 patients undergoing vascularized bone transfer for long-bone reconstruction, with a follow-up period of at least 2 years, is evaluated in this report. Twelve fractures occurred in 10 patients. Characteristics of the fractures were: (1) most occurred at the tibia recipient site; (2) most occurred through the transferred(More)