Osamu Kitakami

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Large magnetic-field-induced strains have been observed in Heusler alloys with a body-centred cubic ordered structure and have been explained by the rearrangement of martensite structural variants due to an external magnetic field. These materials have attracted considerable attention as potential magnetic actuator materials. Here we report the(More)
Shape memory and magnetic properties of a Ni43Co7Mn39Sn11 Heusler polycrystalline alloy were investigated by differential scanning calorimetry, the sample extraction method, and the three-terminal capacitance method. A unique martensitic transformation from the ferromagnetic parent phase to the antiferromagneticlike martensite phase was detected and(More)
We have studied the switching behavior of a single Co/Pt multilayer dot under the assistance of rf fields. The switching field monotonically decreases with increasing rf frequency up to a critical frequency. It is found that the reduction of the switching field is more significant than the theoretical prediction based on the single macrospin model. In(More)
Ni80Fe20 permalloy nanoparticles with narrow size distribution and homogeneous composition have been prepared by the polyol processing at 180 degrees C for 2 h and their particle sizes can be tunable in the size range of 20-440 nm by proper addition of K2PtCI4 agent. X-ray diffraction results show that the NiFe nanoparticles are of face centered cubic(More)
Uniform carbon nano test tubes including magnetic metal particles inside their one-dimensional cavities were synthesized by the template method. The "as synthesized" metal-filled test tubes (35 nm in diameter and 1400 nm in length) were dispersible in ethanol, but not in water. To improve the water-dispersibility of the test tubes, their surface was treated(More)
Magnetocapacitance (MC) effect, observed in a wide range of materials and devices, such as multiferroic materials and spintronic devices, has received considerable attention due to its interesting physical properties and practical applications. A normal MC effect exhibits a higher capacitance when spins in the electrodes are parallel to each other and a(More)
We have performed a systematic study on the correlation between magnetic anisotropy energy (MAE) and crystal structures, such as lattice parameters, stacking fault densities, lattice strain, and so on, for epitaxially grown Co, Co-Pt, and Co-Pd alloy thin films, and have found that the MAE strongly depends on the axial ratio c/a of the hcp crystal lattice.(More)
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