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Follistatin is a functional antagonist of several members of the TGF-beta family of secreted signaling factors, including myostatin, the most powerful inhibitor of muscle growth characterized to date. Myostatin inhibition offers a novel therapeutic strategy for muscular dystrophy by restoring skeletal muscle mass and suppressing the progression of muscle(More)
Mammals exhibit marked morphological differences in the muscles surrounding the jaw bone due to differences in eating habits. Furthermore, the myofiber properties of the muscles differ with function. Since the muscles in the oral region have various functions such as eating, swallowing, and speech, it is believed that the functional role of each muscle(More)
The mouse mylohyoid muscle belongs to the mastication-related suprahyoid muscle group. It shows a plate-like morphology and forms the mouth floor. There have been no reports on the characteristics of the mouse mylohyoid muscle fibers, and especially on their functional role during ingestion action, and many points remain unclear. We examined the mouse(More)
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