Osamu Imaichi

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This paper describes an integrated method for processing grammatically ill formed inputs We use partial parses of the input for recov ering from parsing failure In order to select partial parses appropriate for error recovery, cost and reward are assigned to them Cost and reward represent the badness and goodness of a partial parse, respectively The most(More)
This year's MedNLP-2 [1] has two tasks: Extraction task (Task 1) and Normalization task (Task 2). We tested both machine learning based methods and an ad-hoc rule-based method for the two tasks. For the Extraction Task, a two-stage approach (first, the machine learning based method is applied to identify c tags, and second, the rule-based method is applied(More)
A novel thesaurus named a " word-sense association network " is proposed for the first time. It consists of nodes representing word senses, each of which is defined as a set consisting of a word and its translation equivalents, and edges connecting topically associated word senses. This word-sense association network is produced from a bilingual dictionary(More)
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