Osama Sohaib

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The success of web-based applications depends on how well it is perceive by the end-users. The various web accessibility guidelines have promoted to help improve accessing, understanding the content of web pages. Designing for the total User Experience (UX) is an evolving discipline of the World Wide Web mainstream that focuses on how the end users will(More)
In today's world anybody who wants to access any information the first choice is to use the web because it is the only source to provide easy and instant access to information. However web readers face many hurdles from web which includes load of web pages, text size, finding related information, spelling and grammar etc. However understanding of web pages(More)
The Saudi Arabian government has recognised the need for an alternative path to national development in the form of a knowledge-based economy (KBE). One of the key drivers of a knowledge-based economy KBE is innovation. Therefore, to achieve this aim, it is important to understand the various factors affecting organisational innovation capability and(More)
Consumer trust is one of the key obstacles to online vendors seeking to extend their consumers across cultures. This research identifies culture at the individual consumer level. Based on the Stimulus– Organism–Response (S–O–R) model, this study focuses on the moderating role of uncertainty avoidance culture value on privacy and security as cognition(More)
Religion has long been playing a significant role in influencing human behavior. However, its business value as a predictor of buyer behavior has not been sufficiently examined in e-commerce context. The main contribution of this paper is to show the connection between the degree of religiosity and interpersonal trust (cognitive and affect-based trust) in(More)
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