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5-(m-Benzyloxybenzyl)barbituric acid acyclonucleoside (BBBA), the most potent inhibitor known of uridine phosphorylase (UrdPase, EC, the enzyme responsible for uridine catabolism, and(More)
Doxorubicin (Dox) is a potent anticancer agent; its clinical use is limited for its marked cardiotoxicity and nephrotoxicity. The present study investigated the possible protective effect of(More)
Administration of 200 mg/kg of 5-fluorouracil (FUra) to mice bearing human colon carcinoma DLD-1 xenografts resulted in 100% mortality. Oral administration of 2000 mg/kg of(More)
5-(Benzyloxybenzyl)barbituric acid acyclonucleoside (BBBA) was recently synthesized as a potent and specific inhibitor of uridine phosphorylase (EC, the enzyme responsible for the catabolism(More)
Purpose: The purpose of this investigation was to study the effects of combining oral 5-(phenylselenenyl)acyclouridine (PSAU) with 2′,3′,5′-tri-O-acetyluridine (TAU) on the levels of plasma uridine(More)