Osama M. Abo-Seida

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A simple and explicit derivation for the vertical electric dipole excited by a short-pulse current and located above a layered dielectric medium is derived in an analytical form using the Cagniard–de Hoop method. The fields are expressed as the convolution of the exciting current with the layered medium response. This response is obtained directly from the(More)
The transient electromagnetic fields of a vertical electric dipole antenna with an impulsive current in a dielectric medium are expressed in an analytical form. It is found that the first part of the electromagnetic fields of the excited electromagnetic pulse is an impulsive wave, which propagates with the speed 1= p ¹" and decays exponentially. The other(More)
The measurement of the mutual impedance of thin circular loop antennas on an N-layered conducting medium at high frequency is calculated. The horizontal, vertical coplanar, perpendicular and vertical coaxial loop antennas have been presented, the comparison between them and the numerical results have been calculated. The displacement currents in free space(More)
—The problem of communication in the sea has been considered as propagation of radio waves in a three-layered medium (air, sea, and ground). With the aid of the perturbation calculus, this paper analyzes the influence exerted onto the electromagnetic field of arrangements radiating a pure transverse electric field in the sea. The sea height varies(More)
The electromagnetic field that an overhead infinitely line current produces at the surface of the earth can be expressed as inverse Fourier integrals over a horizontal wave number in terms of the Neumann and Struve functions. These functions have known mathematical properties, including the series expansions. The latter are utilized in this work to derive(More)