Osama Halabi

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The effect of cysteamine-induced duodenal ulcers on calcium transport across rat duodenum was investigated. Intracellular calcium accumulation measured after 24 hr and 3 days of cysteamine injection showed a significant increase (P less than 0.001) in the duodenal strips isolated after 3 days with no change noticed in those isolated after 24 hr, although(More)
O. Halabi and N. Chiba Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Iwate University, Japan Abstract Laser projection, such as that used in laser light shows, usually uses computer-drawn graphics. However, some restrictions are imposed by laser-scanned displays on these vector-based drawings. This paper presents a general vector-oriented drawing method(More)
Laser projectors are commonly used in the entertainment industry to create vector-based graphics. In order to present a stable image to observers, the laser projector moves the beam quickly using computer-controlled mirrors. The speed is high enough so that the human eye perceives it as a persistent line of light. In contrast with other vector graphic(More)
In this research, we present the design of a driving seat with driver activities recognition based on a passive method for measuring body-postures by using two force sensor arrays to inspect the pressure patterns exhibited in driver's seat and backrest. The seat is designed by testing the sensors distribution to find the most suitable distribution to make(More)