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Laser projection, such as that used in laser light shows, usually uses computer-drawn graphics. However, some restrictions are imposed by laser-scanned displays on these vector-based drawings. This paper presents a general vector-oriented drawing method to display computer vector graphics on different laser-scanned displays with optimization. The method(More)
Laser projectors are commonly used in the entertainment industry to create vector-based graphics. In order to present a stable image to observers, the laser projector moves the beam quickly using computer-controlled mirrors. The speed is high enough so that the human eye perceives it as a persistent line of light. In contrast with other vector graphic(More)
Driving simulations are widely used to send navigational and warning information to help drivers navigate safely. The traditional approaches are to use visual and auditory channels which can cause sensory overloading. Haptic has major safety implication on reducing visual and auditory overloading in driving, and since seats are the largest area in touch(More)