Osama Halabi

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The effect of cysteamine-induced duodenal ulcers on calcium transport across rat duodenum was investigated. Intracellular calcium accumulation measured after 24 hr and 3 days of cysteamine injection showed a significant increase (P less than 0.001) in the duodenal strips isolated after 3 days with no change noticed in those isolated after 24 hr, although(More)
Laser projection, such as that used in laser light shows, usually uses computer-drawn graphics. However, some restrictions are imposed by laser-scanned displays on these vector-based drawings. This paper presents a general vector-oriented drawing method to display computer vector graphics on different laser-scanned displays with optimization. The method(More)
Laser projectors are commonly used in the entertainment industry to create vector-based graphics. In order to present a stable image to observers, the laser projector moves the beam quickly using computer-controlled mirrors. The speed is high enough so that the human eye perceives it as a persistent line of light. In contrast with other vector graphic(More)
This paper explores the possibility of generating visual expressions in a highly interactive environment on the basis of hand movements and acceleration. A new method for displaying visualization is presented. This method is known as hybrid raster-laser projection; in this method two projections are combined to create a final visual. A Wii Remote Controller(More)