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Ad-hoc networks are becoming an effective tool for many mission critical applications such as troop coordination in a combat field, situational awareness, etc. These applications are characterized by the hostile environment that they serve in and by the multicast-style of communication traffic. Therefore, authenticating the source and ensuring the integrity(More)
This paper introduces a novel optimization strategy for increasing the resource efficiency and security of data routing in a wireless sensor network. Most secure routing schemes found in the literature provision security at the highest level by involving sophisticated data encryption with a large key. This imposes lots of overhead both in computation, while(More)
— Multicast streams are the most popular traffic pattern in many applications of mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET). However, the mobility of nodes causes frequent changes to the network topology and thus efficient routing of multicast traffic becomes very challenging. The establishment of a core-mesh has been deemed as a very effective solution for these(More)
—Multicast streams are the dominant application traffic pattern in many mission critical ad-hoc networks. The limited computation and communication resources, the large scale deployment and the unguaranteed connectivity to trusted authorities make known security solutions for wired and single-hop wireless networks inappropriate for such application(More)
— A wide range of applications such as disaster management, military, and security have fueled interest in sensor networks in recent years. Since the employed sensor nodes often are significantly constrained in their onboard energy, most of the research work, including that on medium access control (MAC) protocols, has focused on optimizing energy(More)
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