Osama Elshakankiry

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This paper proposes a novel secure binding management protocol for mobile IPv6 networks for use in the implementation of routing optimization. The idea uses the public key of the home network of a mobile node to cryptographically generate the mobile node's home address and the associated private key to sign the mobile node's authentication requests. In(More)
A home registration scheme is typically used for a mobile node to inform its home agent about the mobile node’s current location when it is away from its home link. The Mobile IPv6 protocol protects a home registration scheme against outsider attacks, but it fails to protect from attacks by legitimate mobile nodes behaving maliciously. A malicious mobile(More)
Signature customization is a technique to help the misuse network based IDS to select an appropriate signature for the protected hosts. Additionally, it eliminates unnecessary signature matching in order to enhance the detection capabilities for the NIDS. This paper assesses the effectiveness of depending only on vulnerability scanners to perform signature(More)
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