Osama El-Sayed Sheta

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This paper presents architecture for health care data warehouse specific to cancer diseases which could be used by executive managers, doctors, physicians and other health professionals to support the healthcare process. The data today existing in multi sources with different formats makes it necessary to have some techniques for data integration. Executive(More)
— This paper presents the evaluation of the architecture of healthcare data warehouse specific to cancer diseases. This data warehouse containing relevant cancer medical information and patient data. The data warehouse provides the source for all current and historical health data to help executive manager and doctors to improve the decision making process(More)
This paper describes the technology of data warehouse in healthcare decision-making and tools for support of these technologies, which is used to cancer diseases. The healthcare executive managers and doctors needs information about and insight into the existing health data, so as to make decision more efficiently without interrupting the daily work of an(More)
The exponential growth in the volume of data and information lead to problems in management, controlling effective and high costs of storage operation, where organizations are having problems: data retrieval and preparation and backups, and other acts of data. Therefore seeking companies and business organizations at the present time to achieve the highest(More)
This paper aims to industry a tool for use in decision support tourism, based on GIS applications, so that it explains the sites and tourist services, tourism statistics, and other factors that could affect the development of tourism, with the integration of applications with a variety of assistive technologies such as forms a three-dimensional, and virtual(More)
This paper presents an object oriented hypermedia database for designing and building an online magazine, which is treated as an enhanced hypermedia application. The main contributions are a direct result of taking advantage of the combination of Object-Oriented Hypermedia Design Modeling (OOHDM) and Object-Relational Database Management Systems (ORDBMS).(More)
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