Osama El-Boraie

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BACKGROUND Consanguinity has been suggested as a risk factor for psychoses in some Middle Eastern countries, but adequate control data are unavailable. Our recent studies in Egypt have shown elevated parental consanguinity rates among patients with bipolar I disorder (BP1), compared with controls. We have now extended our analyses to schizophrenia (SZ) in(More)
We aimed to contrast rates of consanguinity among patients with bipolar I disorder (BP1) and controls in a population with customary consanguineous marriages (i.e., marriage between related individuals). Consanguinity increases risk for numerous monogenic and polygenic diseases. Whether the risk for BP1 increases with consanguinity has not been investigated(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop Arabic versions of English language questionnaires to estimate morningness/eveningness and sleep variables. METHODS We translated the Composite scale of morningness (CSM) and the sleep timing questionnaire (STQ) [with added siesta questions] into Arabic; the Arabic versions were then back translated. The revised Arabic and the(More)
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