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As the response to the feedback from academic and industry, the department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, University of Khartoum has successfully designed and developed a low cost programmable logic controller (PLC) workbench for educational purposes. The developed bench, hardware consist of PLC (Siemens, STEP7-224XP)(More)
Fifty 1-2-month-old Guinea pigs were divided into 5 equal groups, 10 each. Control (Gp1) did receive neither viable bacteria nor treatment. Each animal from the other groups (Gp2-5) was challenged with (1-2 × 10(8)) viable E. coli in 200  μ L normal saline (0.9%) through IP route. GP2 infected group was treated with 200  μ L saline IP and kept as positive(More)
The demand for educational software is growing exponentially with the surge of interest in educational reform, the Internet and distance education. A Web-based Interactive Course Tool was developed at West Virginia University. The tool provides components for instructors, administrators, and students to interact effectively through the Internet. This paper(More)
Given the substantial development effort internationally to extend the Web as the basic interface for distributed information systems, it is appropriate to adopt the Web technologies as the primary user interface and primary server interface for computer-delivered educational modules (regardless of whether that module is accessed from a remote server across(More)
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