Oryx Cohen

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This study compares five input devices (mouse, mousepen, traekball, stylus, and touchscreen) on a series of goal-directed tasks using a drawing program. Striking performance differences are found for the touchsereen when compared with a previous study using a standard, isolated, laboratory task. The study also looks at the impact of device to screen mapping(More)
This study compares seven input devices (mouse, touchsereen, two trackba.lls, mousepen, touchp@ and joystick) performing a star tracing task. Along with the device comparisons, the diffemtce between moving with the selector button pressed (dragging) or with the button released (pointing) is examined. Recent work has found that dragging is slower and more(More)
Machine vision technologies hold the promise of enabling rapid and accurate fruit crop yield predictions in the field. The key to fulfilling this promise is accurate segmentation and detection of fruit in images of tree canopies. This paper proposes two new methods for automated counting of fruit in images of mango tree canopies, one using texture-based(More)
We demonstrate the measurement of vibrational state coherence dynamics in liquid methanol using transient coherent spontaneous Raman scattering. The resulting lifetimes and quantum beat frequency agree with frequency-domain and coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering measurements.
We demonstrate the measurement of photon-pair joint spectral correlations in optical fiber through stimulated four-wave mixing. This method enables us to study correlations more easily, precisely and quickly than with traditional coincidence counting measurements.
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