Ortal Mizrahy

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During migration, birds undergo alternating periods of fasting and re-feeding that are associated with dynamic changes in body mass (m(b)) and in organ size, including that of the digestive tract. After arrival at a migratory stopover site, following a long flight, a bird must restore the tissues of its digestive tract before it can refuel. In the present(More)
Migrating blackcaps (Sylvia atricapilla) were used to test the predictions that (1) the rebuilding of the digestive tract, as reflected by mass-specific consumption of food on the first 2-3 days of a stopover, is faster in birds with access to drinking water than in birds without, and (2) that adipose tissue and pectoral muscles grow faster and to a greater(More)
Serum beta-glucuronidase (S beta G) activity was investigated as an early indicator of diabetes in pregnant women. The enzyme activity was determined in the sera of three groups: nonpregnant women (18 to 40 years old) with and without glucose intolerance, pregnant women with and without glucose intolerance, and pregnant women with a family history of(More)
The control over ice crystal growth, melting, and shaping is important in a variety of fields, including cell and food preservation and ice templating for the production of composite materials. Control over ice growth remains a challenge in industry, and the demand for new cryoprotectants is high. Naturally occurring cryoprotectants, such as antifreeze(More)
The present survey studies the triangular association of serum lipid levels, atherosclerosis, and age in an elderly (50 to 80 + years) population of 469 subjects with various clinical manifestations of atherosclerosis as well as "healthy" elderly subjects. In general, the average concentration of serum lipid constituents were not influenced by sex, age,(More)
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