Orsolya M Garrison

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Despite the availability of the female condoms and theoretically based interventions to promote its use, studies have indicated a low level of acceptability of their use among women in most populations. We aimed to determine female condom use prevalence and the potential markers among African-American women. In an intervention trial to test the efficacy of(More)
OBJECTIVE It has been reported that the incidence of testicular cancer has plateaued in some parts of the USA, especially among non-Hispanic Whites in Los Angeles. Temporal trends analysis was conducted over three decades to assess the evidence for such a plateau, and to examine whether the incidence of testicular cancer remains stable across racial/ethnic(More)
BACKGROUND HIV testing varies across racial/ethnic groups in the United States, but it is unclear whether the rationale for testing differs as well racially. The authors aimed to assess the rationale for HIV testing and the racial/ethnic variation therein. METHODS Using the National Health Interview Survey 2003 (n = 29 753), the authors examined the(More)
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