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A new interpretation of late Pleistocene sea levels on the U.S. Atlantic continental shelf is based on in-place lagoonal and salt-marsh sediments obtained from vibra-cores. These data show sea levels during the last Wisconsinan transgression were about 30 meters shallower than is indicated by existing sea-level curves.
Individual heads of two species of reef or herinatypic coral, Solenastrea hyades (Dana) and Siderastrea siderea (Ellis and Solander), occur on rock outcrops on the inner continental shelf off North Carolina in waters where winter bottom temperatures are as low as 10.6 degrees C. These temperatures are significantly lower than previously assumed minimum(More)
Roger Pielke Jr The central thesis of Useless Arithmetic, by the father-and-daughter team of Orrin Pilkey and Linda Pilkey-Jarvis, is " the virtual impossibility of accurate quantitative modelling to predict the outcome of natural processes on the Earth's surface ". This is sure to cause cognitive disso-nance among many readers — it simply does not seem to(More)