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Globally, preeclampsia-eclampsia (PE-E) is a major cause of puerperal intensive care unit admission, accounting for up to 10% of maternal deaths. PE-E primary prevention is possible. Antepartum low-dose aspirin prophylaxis, costing USD $10-24 can cut the incidence of PE-E in half. Antepartum low molecular weight heparin combined with low-dose aspirin(More)
First, second, and third line medical treatments of vulvodynia are of limited efficacy. Surgical resection, the fourth line treatment of vulvodynia, may have unforgiving sequela. Therefore, acupuncture and electromyographic (EMG) biofeedback could bridge between medical and surgical treatments of vulvodynia. Of note, EMG biofeedback is more frequently(More)
Only six cases of spontaneous, unilateral, triplet ectopic gestations have previously been reported. We now present a seventh case. The patient's prior obstetrical history was significant for a term stillbirth and a term cesarean section for breech. Quantitative betahCG was normal for gestational age; however, the increased trophoblastic mass of an(More)
Research Article Open Access Progestin Intrauterine Device versus Intramuscular Medroxyprogesterone Acetate for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Control Oroma B. Nwanodi, MD1*, Locum Tenen1 1PO Box 59, Salinas CA 93902-0059, USA. *Corresponding author: Dr. Oroma B. Nwanodi, PO Box 59, Salinas CA 93902-0059, USA, Email: o.nwanodi@juno.com Received: 01-01-2017(More)
BACKGROUND Ovarian pregnancies comprise 0.15% of all pregnancies and 0.15-3% of ectopic gestations, with an incidence of up to 1/7,000 deliveries. CASE A single case of an ovarian gestation consistent with Spieglberg's four criteria in a primigravida without prior gynecological, medical, or surgical history is presented. Presumptive diagnosis was by(More)
Human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine was developed to reduce HPV-attributable cancers, external genital warts (EGW), and recurrent respiratory papillomatosis. Adolescent HPV vaccination series completion rates are less than 40% in the United States of America, but up to 80% in Australia and the United Kingdom. Population-based herd immunity requires 80% or(More)
Iatrogenic uterine perforation due to initial overinflation of the Kronner uterine manipulator balloon through the balloon port is previously unreported. A 37-year-old multipara with a 1 year history of dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, and post coital spotting desired permanent sterilization following 9 years of copper intrauterine device (IUD) use. At the onset(More)
In the United States, upon resident work hour restriction implementation, obstetrics and gynaecology residents’ gynaecologic surgery volume decreased and operative time per caesarean delivery increased. High volume surgeons can have clinically significantly lower complication rates than low volume surgeons, p<0.001. Decreasing surgical volumes and(More)