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Mobile communication has enjoyed a tremendous rise in popularity during the last decade. The network reliability is an important concern in wireless ad-hoc networks. Therefore, it is felt essential to evaluate the reliability of the Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET). Many existing wireless ad hoc network routing protocols assume the availability of reliable(More)
A new approach is introduced to obtain the reliability function of time-dependent system by using reliable node and reliable path concept in mobile ad-hoc network (MANET). It is known that all nodes of the MANET are not functional at all the time. Upon the failure of any node in the active path of the network, the system switches to the next path and(More)
The presence of direct current (DC) injury currents in ischemic tissue is an important diagnostic indicator of pathophysiology in cortical spreading depression and particularly in myocardial infarction. To date, no measurements of DC injury currents in the alimentary tract have been reported. We used a SQUID magnetometer to measure changes in the baseline(More)
The probability of error for NFSK with square law combining for diversity correlated Nakagami channels is analyzed. The closed for of expression using characteristic function is derived. The average SNR per branch is considered to be distinct. The effect of different noise powers for various diversity orders and fading channel parameters on probability of(More)
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